Voda provides Skoda its own private 5G SA Network

Voda provides Skoda its own private 5G SA Network. The network, which has been set up at a Mladá Boleslav facility. Vodafone Czech Republic will be in charge of the nation’s automotive industry’s historical and financial hub, which is also home to Skoda. Nokia hardware is installed in the network with guidance from both Nokia and Vodafone, it will be managed by Skoda’s internal IT section.

Voda provides Skoda its own private 5G SA Network

“Various departments have asked for highly available, dependable wireless communication. We will benefit from the mobile 5G private network, for instance, when we automate parking. Only with the aid of autonomously controlled trucks we will be able to carry the built automobiles to the parking lot without the driver’s involvement. According to a statement made earlier this week by Martin Pollak, Skoda’s professional data network planning coordinator.

There are a few noteworthy details from this announcement. The first is that Skoda chose 5G SA outright rather than a hybrid 4G/5G network. Which would have been a more gradual upgrading path. It entails a completely cloud-native core and a lack of compatibility for any potential remaining legacy LTE connections. The standalone network will be able to handle a sizable number of connections. So, It will offer features like slicing, allowing the vehicle manufacturer to divide up network resources in accordance with the needs of various types of data flow.

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It would need to be fast and responsive

It would need to be fast and responsive, in the aforementioned use cases to support automated driving from the factory to the parking lot, but not as crucial when it comes to uploading software and settings to the vehicle.

The fact that the nation’s oldest and most well-known automaker picked Vodafone Czech Republic over the incumbent O2 Czech Republic is also a relatively interesting point. It can be taken as a victory of Vodafone Czech Republic. Customers have also opted for Voda instead of T-Mobile. The market leader and a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, a country that the parent company of Skoda, Volkswagen Group, is from.

Voda has worked hard to implement 5G in the Czech Republic. As a result, its network is currently accessible in 70% of the nation. When it shut down its 3G network in March of last year with the intention of re-farming the spectrum for LTE and 5G. Its rollout received a boost. It seems that the enterprise market is taking notice of its aggressive tactics.

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Veronika Brázdilová, vice president for corporate clients at Vodafone Czech, stated,

“We are really grateful for this strategic partnership with Skoda Auto. Veronika Brázdilová, vice president for corporate clients at Vodafone Czech, stated, “It is a significant milestone for us. And only serves to highlight the fact that we are leaders in this space on the Czech market.

As she said, “Firms can construct a 5G mobile private network in their area. And utilize it as a cornerstone on the road to digitization. Because the degree of digitization today substantially influences the business success of companies and their competitiveness.”

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