Verizon spends a lot of money on 5G innovations for the Miami Grand Prix

Verizon spends a lot of money on 5G innovations for the Miami Grand Prix. The Formula 1 race is this weekend, according to The Miami Grand Prix will be accompanied by a slew of high-end retail and audiovisual experiences. Everyone is allegedly powered by Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network.

The Grand Prix takes place this weekend at the Hard Rock Stadium’s Miami International Autodrome. It has rumored that this will be the first Formula 1 event to have Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband. A range of 5G-powered experiences put out at the stadium. To show off what the technology can achieve for the 80,000 or so racing fans anticipated to attend.

Those with Verizon 5G phones will be able to view up to seven HD live cameras. Also, hear live race commentary at the weekend main event using Verizon 5G Multi-View. Which is being marketed as a method to curate your own viewing experience.

5G Augmented Portal

Using an Augmented Reality 5G portal, Hard Rock Beach Club Ultra Pass holders into performances by Post Malone. Three separate 360-degree camera views with audio from the concert stage will be streamed in 4K. You’ll be able to move between them so they can feel like they’re stepping onstage.’

However with The Hard Rock Stadium Express Shop, there’s some beefed-up retail action. In addition to the 5G ultra-wideband, it also depends on some edge computing. It sounds similar to Amazon Go, where customers enter the store with their credit cards and shop. Then simply pick up what they want and leave. Computer vision technology can follow products. It’s all made possible by Verizon 5G Edge and AWS Wavelength, an edge compute platform. Verizon spends a lot of money on 5G innovations for the Miami Grand Prix.

Discovering what’s possible utilizing our network’s capacity. Collaborating with partners ranging from sports to retail, said Srini Kalapala, Senior Vice President of Verizon Technology and Product Development. This is a fantastic chance to rethink your purchasing experience. The experiences that 5G and edge computing can enable are just the tip of the iceberg.

Innovations minds

A like-minded partner drove innovation and changed the fan journey,” said Kim Rometo. Our goal for the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix is for every fan. Firstly to have a first-class experience, and we’re excited to work with Verizon to bring these unique and personalized experiences.”

Secondly, we’ve previously stated, it’s easy to ignore what appear to be novelties masquerading as critical 5G use cases. However, if it comes to physical events and 5G ‘experiences,’ telecoms themselves into a rut.

At least to this writer, it’s still a puzzle why someone would want to travel to a tangible event. Also finding innovative ways to encourage customers – who have paid a lot of money to be there in person with their friends and family – to keep their heads down and stare at their phones seems to be an uphill battle for carriers. Also Verizon spends a lot of money on 5G innovations for the Miami Grand Prix.

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