US needs a national broadband strategy – GOA

As states and territories prepare to submit grant requests to participate in the federal government’s multibillion-dollar effort US needs a national broadband strategy to bridge the digital divide. Now new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) urges the feds to address significant overlap between existing programmes.

Furthermore ,Interviews with 50 broadband providers written interviews with 17 federal agency offices responsible for a broadband-related program. The GAO labelled the governmental strategy to bandwidth as “fragmented and overlapping”. The office identified over 100 federal broadband programmed administered by 15 different agencies.

However,133 funding programmes that could support increased broadband access, resulting in a patchwork of funding. This patchwork of programmes may result in wasteful duplication of funding and effort. Agencies employ a variety of strategies to avoid duplicative awards.

US Stance on broad band strategy

Now GAO issued three recommendations: for the (NTIA) to identify system integration limitations and develop legislative proposals where appropriate.

Indeed a national broadband strategy, according to the GAO, should have “clear roles, goals, objectives, and performance measures , broadband programmes and synchronize coordination efforts” . But currently a strategy could include legislative proposals to address limitations.

The Government Accountability Office issues reports in response to congressional subcommittee requests. This review of federal programmes is a requested by Republican senators. So on the Commerce, Science, and Transportation committee, including Senators Roger Wicker, Jerry Moran, Marsha Blackburn, Deb Fischer, and Ted Cruz, who asked the GAO to “review the range of federal broadband programmes and how the federal government coordinates these programmes”.

National broadband strategy

Firstly to some extent, the GAO’s findings represent decades of inconsistent, patchwork legislative efforts. Secondly broadband stakeholders have sought to address through rules in the infrastructure law for $65 billion in broadband programmes. Federal government agencies.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Department of the Treasury. Here (NTIA) announced an interagency agreement to share information ,for example collaborate on broadband efforts.

Recently, the GAO has emphasized on the importance of those efforts guided by a national strategy.

The Executive Office of the President has not determined a national strategy . It is well positioned to develop and implemented one according to the report. Without such a strategy, federal broadband efforts will be insufficiently coordinated.

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