The amber nectar attracts Nokia

The amber nectar attracts Nokia: As 5G finally begins to make itself useful, Finnish kit manufacturer Nokia has gotten engaged in establishing a ‘connected digital microbrewery’ in Australia.

We’re normally skeptical of promises that someone has invented a linked this or a 5G that, but anything that appears to have the potential to better the global beer environment deserves careful consideration. In this example, Nokia is cooperating with the University of Technology Sydney’s Industry 4.0 research unit to construct the world’s first 5G-linked microbrewery, according to Nokia.

Perhaps aware that even that claim is a little too high, the press release goes on to mention ‘UTS’s Industry 4.0 Nano-Brewery,’ which is presumably even smaller than a microbrewery. The UTS Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Data Science testbed appear to include the most basic of beer-making facilities. It also has a physical twin at Germany’s TU Dortmund University, which apparently produces a stronger, tastier draught, as well as the increasingly necessary digital twin somewhere in the cloud.

Nokia’s FastMile 5G Gateways are linked to a Nokia Digital Automation Cloud 5G Standalone private wireless network that spans the entire campus. The amber nectar attracts Nokia. The advantages of having all of these vats, pipes, and bubbling cauldrons connected to a private network aren’t detailed, as is frequently the case. So we can only imagine how much easier and more effective the entire process is now that brewers can pore over an unlimited number of data points from the comfort of their own computers.

Tommi Uitto, Nokia’s President of Mobile Networks, said, “UTS’s Industry 4.0 facility provides an exciting environment for creating and testing novel 5G use cases.” “We explain how 5G private wireless networks and cloud-based technologies enhance the brewing process and get closer to the perfect point in the digital microbrewery.”

Professor Jochen Deuse, Director of the Center for Advanced Manufacturing at UTS, said, “Our goal is to promote Industry 4.0 ideas to local industry by delivering a testbed that gives partners the keys to improve their own manufacturing processes and obtain business insight.” “We are able to globalize the outputs of our testbed thanks to our international relationship with TU Dortmund and Nokia.”

Last November, Nokia, and UTS announced their alliance, and this appears to be the most important step yet. Here are a handful of videos that give you a better understanding of what Industry 4.0 is all about, but if they truly want to wow us, they could show us how to plan a piss-up in this utopian brewery.

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