Ookla breaks down a shifting carrier market

Ookla breaks down a shifting carrier market. T-Mo has a 5G lead thanks to the mid-band spectrum, but cellular service and device pricing may be more essential to growth than planned C-Band deployments, according to Ookla.

Ookla breaks down

According to Ookla’s Mark Giles, principal industry analyst, T-Mobile US still surpasses Verizon in terms of overall 5G network speeds. T-Mobile US has a head start on mid-band 5G deployments because of the 2.5 GHz spectrum it bought with Sprint, as well as the 600 MHz spectrum it won at auction and has already deployed as a 5G base layer.

Additional C-Band spectrum rollout by Verizon and, to a lesser extent, AT&T may boost network performance in the coming quarters. However, due to the impact of inflation on their clients. Their customer acquisitions are likely to be more highly impacted by cost.

“We anticipate the dynamics of the US wireless industry to evolve as economic headwinds mount in the US, with inflation spiking to a 40-year high,” said Giles.

T-Mobile US has substantial subscriber growth this year, but so has AT&T. Which lacks 2.5 GHz and a large first-tranche C-Band spectrum to deploy, and has lagged behind both of the other carriers in several overall network performance indicators, such as 5G speed.

However, “Network performance isn’t the only driver driving postpaid net phone additions.” Giles said, citing AT&T’s aggressive pricing, while peak 5G performance may be lacking, it still has exceptionally high LTE performance as well as better 5G availability than Verizon.

AT&T CEO John Stankey has raised the prospect of price rises.

However, in the face of growing wage expenses. AT&T CEO John Stankey has raised the prospect of price rises. Giles said that if the company goes forward with it, Verizon might benefit. Meanwhile, US Cellular may make advances. The network is now getting its 5G ducks in a straight to scale up – so competition is heating up.“These changes could well begin to shift the dynamic in terms of postpaid net phone additions between AT&T and Verizon. And other regional carriers if they can continue to broaden the coverage of their 5G networks. And build on their C-band fuelled speed advantage,” he concluded.

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