One Web has agreement with SpaceX to resume satellite launches

One Web has agreement with SpaceX to resume satellite launches, OneWeb, a Low Earth Orbit satellite company based in the United Kingdom, has secured an agreement with SpaceX that will allow it to launch satellites into space once more.

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in early March, the board of OneWeb decided to halt all scheduled satellite launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Khazakstan, which is leased to Russia.

“We appreciate SpaceX’s sponsorship, which represents our shared vision for space’s limitless possibilities,” OneWeb CEO Neil Masterson said. “We’re on target to finish building out our full fleet of satellites and deliver robust, fast, and secure communication around the world with these launch plans in place.” One Web has agreement with SpaceX to resume satellite launches.

“Demand for OneWeb’s broadband connectivity services has continued to expand across telecommunications providers, aviation and maritime markets, and governments globally,” the press announcement continues. OneWeb’s network has been launched at the 50th parallel and above, and early partners are starting to use it.”

Before the present war in Ukraine and associated international sanctions against Russia, the Baikonur Cosmodrome appears to have been a satellite launch hub. The politics of what happens next in the region, the intricacies of which are impossible to foresee, will most certainly define whether LEO enterprises like OneWeb look permanently elsewhere for ways to send their units into orbit.

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