(NIST) has launched a new public safety challenge worth $1 million

(NIST) has launched a new public safety challenge worth $1 million. The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Public Safety Communications Research (NIST’s PSCR) branch has announced a new public safety technology challenge. And, in a unique twist, has sought the assistance of Freelancer.com to raise awareness of the initiative.

(NIST) has launched a new public safety challenge

The Command Dashboard Integrating Next-Generation Technology (CommandDING Tech) Challenge, which involves a partnership with Freelancer.com and LMI, builds on NIST’s efforts to design smart and practical user interfaces that meet the demands of the public safety users. Further, The government said in a statement that the focus, in this case, is on developing incident command dashboards. That would “enable for real-time tracking of assets, persons, and items of interest during emergency crisis scenarios.”

Challenge Details:

“Incident Commands presently lack a reliable, tested system for reacting to emergency circumstances. instead, rely on handwriting all emergency information,” NIST said in announcing the challenge. Which aims to bring together first responders, public safety and video analytics experts, and others to “advance and enhance the role of augmented reality interfaces in public safety.” through dashboards that can be designed in AR, VR, web-based, or mobile mediums, but must be mobile-accessible to first responders.

The prize fund the $1 million. The four-stage competition involves creating, testing, and running dashboards through an emergency scenario. Then, the final stage is a live event in which the dashboards are shown in reaction to a real situation.

“By beginning engagement with business, academia, and the public safety community, our grant programs, and reward competitions enable us to make big leaps. Ahead in tackling public safety problems,” said Dereck Orr, chief of the PSCR division. “The CommanDING Tech Challenge will encourage innovation for developing user-friendly, next-generation interfaces designed for and with public safety. While, showcasing the latest capabilities of PSCR research areas like IoT, analytics, and location-based services. So, We can’t wait to see the innovators’ concepts and prototypes for public safety incident command dashboards. We can’t wait to see the innovators’ public safety incident command dashboard designs and prototypes.”

Other NIST prize challenges

Other NIST prize challenges for public safety have included the $2.2 million. Tech to Protect Challenge, data protection, the use of AR and IoT in public safety, and various drone challenges.

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