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Unlimited High-Speed Internet for ONLY $00.00/month

City Communications is proud to offer Internet Service with Lifeline Assistance.
ACP Hotline: +1 888 424 5588

ACP Eligibility Form

    Goverment Assistance Card/Letter (Must have Expiry Date)
    Back Side of the Card/Letter or Document (If Available)

    Missed Call? Free VoiceMail Feature

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    Talk Long Distance Unlimited

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    Three Way Calling Feature

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    Discover a Wider World of Recreation

    • 2700mins Local/Long Distance Calls
    • Three Way Calling
    • Call Forwarding
    • Free Voice-mail
    • GPS Enabled

    What is the Emergency Broadband Assistance Program and how does it help keep my bill low?

    City Communications is provider of Emergency Broadband Assistance, a free government benefit program that offers discounted broadband internet service to eligible Americans.

    City Communications gives qualifying customers discounted service by enrolling eligible customers in the Emergency Broadband Assistant Program.

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    How This Home Phone Device Works

    This plug and play device is free of cost with all the below mentioned features, which will cost you $45 per month, your services will be with City Communication. Once you place order on our website, one of our representative will get back to you and explain you all the features and services and we will immediately dispatch device at your address.

    *$45 will be upfront amount for the first month.

    Our Best Value Packages

    Wireless - Phone Services

    Wireless Home Phone

    • Free Voice-mail
    • Three Way Calling
    • Call Forwarding
    • GPS Enabled
    • Caller ID Deluxe
    • 250 Long Distance Mins
    Home phone - Landline

    Plus Plan

    • Caller ID
    • Call waiting
    • Un limited local calls
    • 250 Long Distance calls
    • Free Emergency Calls
    $4500per month
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